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General Manager Consultant
& Floating Manager



Hiring a third-party general manager consultant for a homeowners association (HOA) can offer several significant benefits:

  1. Cost Savings- Unlike a management company will charge  upto 40%  burden rate tax added on top of general managers salary. We offer a fixed rate tailored to your Association Budget, saving the Association a ton of money, and providing a consultant general manager that is more qualified with credentials than most HOA management companies.

  2. Consultant Loyalty- Unlike general managers that are stirred to cover up mistakes or inconsistencies. Our consultants loyalty is to the Association Board of Directors. We operates as an independent contractor  operating in partnership to the management company, and the Association receives the benefit of transparency. 

  3. Expertise and Experience: Association Inspector as a third-party general manager consultants we have extensive experience and expertise in managing various aspects of HOA operations.  A depth of knowledge regarding legal requirements, financial management, community governance, and maintenance issues. Our expertise can help the HOA board make informed decisions and navigate complex issues effectively.

  4. Objective Perspective: An external consultant can provide an objective perspective on HOA matters. They are not emotionally invested in internal politics or personal agendas within the community, allowing us to offer unbiased advice and recommendations. This objectivity can help resolve conflicts and promote fair decision-making processes.

  5. Efficiency and Productivity: Our General manager consultants often bring streamlined processes and best practices from their experience working with multiple HOAs. They can identify inefficiencies in current operations and implement strategies to improve productivity. This can lead to cost savings, better resource allocation, and overall increased efficiency in HOA management.

  6. Specialized Skills: Our consultants possess specialized skills that the HOA lacks internally. Whether it's expertise in organization, financial management, community planning, or legal compliance, consultants can fill in gaps in knowledge and skills within the HOA team.

  7. Risk Management: Our skilled general manager consultant can help mitigate risks associated with HOA operations. This includes ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations, implementing proper insurance coverage, and developing contingency plans for emergencies. By proactively addressing potential risks, consultants help protect the HOA and its members from costly legal disputes or financial losses.

  8. Time Savings for Board Members: Managing an HOA can be time-consuming for volunteer board members, many of whom have other full-time commitments. By delegating day-to-day operational tasks to a general manager consultant, board members can focus on strategic planning and policy-making without being bogged down by administrative duties. This frees up their time for more impactful contributions to the community.

  9. Improved Member Satisfaction: Ultimately, the benefits of hiring our general manager consultant contribute to improved member satisfaction within the community. Efficient operations, effective governance, and proactive management of issues lead to a better overall living experience for residents. When homeowners see tangible improvements in their community and responsive management, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their HOA's performance.

Floating Manager- Transitional fill-in

Association Inspector offers a unique and invaluable service in the realm of HOA management: floating manager services. This innovative approach benefits HOA management companies and associations by providing access to expert certified managers who can seamlessly step in to fill the absence of a general manager.

The floating manager service provided by Association Inspector ensures that associations can continue to operate smoothly and maintain structure even when a general manager is temporarily unavailable due to various reasons. Whether it's a sudden departure, extended leave, or any other circumstance, the floating manager is readily available to step in and provide exceptional management services.

These services encompass a wide range of crucial tasks essential for effective HOA management. The floating manager is adept at processing invoices, facilitating board meetings, budgeting, and overseeing project management activities. Their expertise and experience ensure that all necessary functions of the association are carried out efficiently and effectively during the absence of the general manager.

Association Inspector has earned an exceptional reputation in the industry for its professionalism, reliability, and dedication to delivering top-notch management services. Associations in need of a temporary floating manager can confidently rely on Association Inspector to provide a highly qualified and capable professional to step in and maintain continuity in operations.

In times of transition or temporary absence of management personnel, Association Inspector stands ready to support associations with their floating manager services, ensuring uninterrupted operation and exceptional management standards. Associations can trust Association Inspector to provide competent and reliable management solutions whenever the need arises.




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